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Implants & Treatments

Implants serve many purposes. We've detailed the most common implant procedures below. 


About Implants

✓  Implants have the highest success rate of all the restorations, commonly over 95%. They fuse together with the bone to form the next best thing to your natural tooth - giving you increased function and superior aesthetics. 

✓  Implants do NOT involve drilling down healthy teeth next to them as with bridges, and can allow denture wearers to have a stable, firm denture for the first time in years or even decades.

✓  All of our Implantologists have an average success rate of 98% or higher, and between them have placed over 5000 implants. In fact, unlike general dentists who may place a few a month, our Implantologists either spend most of their working week or all of their working week placing hundreds of implants every year. So you know you are in good hands.


Fixing unexpected gaps

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Single Tooth Implants and Instant Implants

Whether you've lost a tooth through accident or decay we understand that it can be a traumatic experience and that you will be keen to get you smile back as quickly as possible. 


A single implant will support a single crown and is the ideal solution when compared to conventional alternatives.  The treatment is simple and the procedures are very minor when carried out by our well trained and experienced surgeons.

Instant Implants - It is sometimes possible to remove the failed tooth, and place the implant all within a single appointment – Instant Implants and Instant Teeth! Your Implantologist will discuss this with you at your assessment appointment and let you know if it is possible on a case-by-case basis.

starting at just £2,099 an implant!


Ideal for...

✓  Maintaining your bone level and thus lip and cheek support
✓  Any existing gaps/ recent extractions
✓  Failing teeth that need extracting due to failed root fillings or restorations, repeated infections or fracture/ trauma to the tooth
✓  Teeth that are broken/ decayed/ fractured beyond repair


Providing a solid base

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Implant Retained Denture

If your jaw won't cope with a full set of implants then there are alternatives that can make wearing a denture a more pleasant experience. 

Talk and eat with the confidence that your denture will not move or slip, by securing it to just a couple of implants. 

We can use between 2 and 4 mini implants to secure your existing, or new, denture in place.


Ideal For...

✓  A very cost-effective method of securing your denture in place
✓  Ideal for loose or worn dentures
✓  You can have a new denture made or adapt your existing one
✓  Stable bite and increased function



From £1,950 using your existing denture

From £2,750 with a new lower denture


Don't miss out on all the fun


Missing all your Teeth / All-on-4

Lost all your teeth but can't bear the thought of wearing a denture? Depending on your suitability you can have permanent bridges secured by just a few implants. 

You only need 4-6 implants to support a bridge of all of the missing teeth, greatly reducing the bone loss that occurs with conventional dentures. Dental implants will provide you with a stable and long term solution that reduces the pain, discomfort, instability, and bone loss that denture patients experience. The bridges can be made to be screwed in place permanently, or can be removable. 



We also offer the revolutionary All-On-4 technique which, in certain cases, allows you to restore your full arch on 4 Implants! Your implantologist can discuss this further with you.


Ideal For...

✓  Remaining teeth failing and you don't want to wear a denture
✓  Loose, uncomfortable, or poorly fitting denture
✓  Remaining teeth unable to support a denture or bridge

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Bridging the gap


Missing Multiple Teeth

If you've lost a few teeth through accident or decay we can fit a bridge, using an implant to anchor the new teeth and complete your smile. 

A fixed implant bridge involves the placement of two or more dental implants. The implants provide stability and stimulate the surrounding bone to prevent significant bone loss. Crowns are then fabricated and connected to the implants with a centre crown that sits over the gums. Bridges on implants are an exceptionally stable and long term solution for multiple missing teeth.


 Ideal For...

✓  For  a failing bridge or large gaps
✓  If you dislike wearing a denture. With Implants you can literally throw away your denture when treatment is complete
✓  Unable to chew properly or eat what you want with confidence
✓  Do not want healthy teeth damaged by having a bridge

3 teeth on 2 Implants from £4,499


Time to do the things you love


Smile in a Day

If wearing a temporary denture after having your teeth removed is putting you off sorting your teeth out, then talk to us about the possibility of completing the work on the same day.  

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In some circumstances it may even be possible to have your teeth removed, Implants placed AND the bridgework/ denture placed in the same day! These cases have to be carefully chosen, please discuss with your Implantologist at your Assessment appointment to discuss if this is a possibility for you.



Ideal If...

 You have decided you want implants to replace your existing teeth / existing denture but don't want a lengthy interim period


We've got everything covered


Additional Procedures, Sedation and Temporaries

It is important to us that you are relaxed, calm and pain free during and after your treatment. So we offer complimentary procedures, sedation for nervous patients and temporary devices to help with the transition to implants. 

Block Grafts, Bone Augmentation and Sinus Lifts are sometimes needed in more complex cases. Your Implantologist will advise you of these should you need any of them.

We also provide on-site sedation, either oral or I.V. (Conscious Sedation). If you would like to know more about these options of sedation please discuss them with your Implantologist at your assessment appointment.

We never leave you with a gap for your front teeth, we can always provide a temporary for you. Your Implantologist will go through all your options for temporary restorations for any gaps when you have your assessment appointment with them.


Free of Charge Consultation

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