Botox® & Facial Aesthetics

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We've answered some of the questions we are asked most frequently regarding Botox®. 

What is Botox® and how does it work?
How often do I need Botox®?
Does it hurt?
Is Botox® safe?
How much is Botox®?

Tejal Sangani

Prescribing Pharmacist
GPhC: 2048438 - View Details on GPhC


Tejal Sangani is Harley Street qualified, Brighton based non-surgical cosmetic practitioner. She is a qualified Prescribing Pharmacist (GPhC Number: 2048438) with 15 years of experience with excellent clinical skills.

Her mission is to provide the very best experience possible for you, getting to know your specific requirements and developing a long standing relationship built on trust and desired results. The initial consultation is free, this is so you feel comfortable to ask any questions and have time to relax. she will carry out a thorough consultation and discuss your concerns. You will never feel rushed.

Her aim is to provide you with a complete range of skin treatments that will help you look and feel younger. These treatments have been carefully selected to give you the very best possible solution for your area of concern. They are all clinically proven to improve your skin and facial contours and to leave you with a beautiful and radiant complexion.


Be the best version of your self

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What is Botox® & how does is work?

Botox® is a highly diluted preparation of Botulinium Toxin Type A. It was first approved by the American PDA over 25 years ago in 1989. As well as being used to refine frown or wrinkle lines around the 3 most common areas - the forehead, in between the eyes and around the eyes (crows feet). It is also used in the treatment of hyperdrosis (excessive sweating) and migraines.

It works by freezing the muscles that you use when you frown. Using these muscles repeatedly causes wrinkles. By freezing them it reduces the activity of the muscles that cause wrinkles thus reducing and eliminating wrinkles.

The effects of Botox® wear off after a few months or longer, the more regularly you have it done the less often you need it. This is the key to successful Botox®...  the more often you maintain Botox® the longer the effects last, thereby reducing and eliminating wrinkles, and also preventing the formation of new wrinkles. 


Take the worry out of getting older

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How often do I need Botox®?

Initially 3-4 times a year for the first year or so, then as the muscles become used to it, twice a year thereafter.

Many people do it one or twice then stop or dip in and dip out of it. This is ineffective long term and does not get the long term effects patients desire. i.e. almost complete reduction / elimination of wrinkles in those areas. It should be approached with a long term view i.ehaving it twice a year in the same way as you would see a hygienist / salon / hair appointments. This is the only way to effectively achieve your goal of reducing or eliminating facial wrinkles, and preventing the formation of new wrinkles thus giving a permanent more youthful appearance!


Express yourself 


Does it Hurt?

It is the sensation of a very small pin prick, numbing cream can be applied before treatment if you wish.

The procedure only takes approximately 10 minutes.


Keep the lines you want

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Is Botox® Safe?

Yes! As described above it was approved by the American PDA in 1989 and has been used millions of times since.

Treatment of wrinkles carried out by beautiticans / salon staff etc. is not advised as they are not familiar with the muscles, innervation (nerve supply) and other anatomical features of the face in the same way medically trained professions are.

Here at Crowborough Dental we take an extensive medical history beforehand and all our practitioners administering it are either medically trained or in a medically related profession.


Smile more

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How much is Botox®?

Botox/Dysport prices:

*Botox ®/ Dysport
1 area  £195                 
2 areas £250
3 areas £295

Lip Enhancement - £295

Smokers Line - £295

Cheek augmentation - £495 (both cheeks)

*Botox®/ Dysport for Hyperhidrosis - £395/ area (for excessive sweating underarms, palms, and soles)


Every vial we use is opened for you, so as your treatments progress and you need less over time. If there is any left over in your vial after your treatments, we will do any other areas for FREE! Until your vial is used up. 

Special Offer

£68.75 a month for 3 x botox treatments per year of 3 areas, to ensure that you maintain your youthful appearance PERMANENTLY!

Our Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

*Botox® is a brand name. We use Dysport which is a different brand of anti-wrinkle solution, and is the most frequently used and most popular one. If you would like Botox to be used please let us know in advance, it carries a 30% surcharge on all treatments. 


Smooth your skin 

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We successfully treat the following areas with Botox®: 

✓  Frown Lines
✓  Crows feet (corners of eyes)
✓  Worry lines (horizontal lines in the forehead) 
✓  Sad mouth (maisonette lines)
✓  Smokers lines (upper and lower lips)
✓  Dimply chin ('pin cushioning' effect on the chin)
✓  Eyebrow lift 

And we also administer Dermal Fillers, a collagen like gel used to plump out the following areas: 

✓  Lips
✓  Cheeks and cheekbones
✓  Chin
✓  Naso-labial folds
✓  Fine lines around the lips and eyes