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Dental Implants provide a highly aesthetic and highly functional alternative to gaps or bridges/dentures


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They are the closest you can get to replacing your natural teeth... and they look exceptional too!

Our Dental Implantologists are specialists in placing dental implants - that is all they do. With a higher than average 98% success rate they have placed many thousands of dental implants between them.  If you are thinking of having Dental Implants come and see one of our friendly, caring, implant specialists with exceptionally high success rates.  They will give you the best possible treatment for yourself and to be able to eat and smile in confidence.

Whether you have a single missing tooth, a broken tooth, a large gap or a full set of dentures, call us today to see how we can help you.


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Single Tooth & Instant Implants

Do you have any gaps in your mouth or any failing teeth? e.g. a failing crown / bridge, a tooth that always seems to infected, a broken tooth?

If any of these sound familiar to you. Single Tooth Implants could be the answer for you.

Implant Retained Dentures

Do you have a denture that is loose, uncomfortable or poorly fitting, or you feel its not its not performing its function effectively anymore? Has eating become a chore and a function more than a pleasure.

If this is you, then did you know a poorly fitting denture can be stabilised using just 2-4 mini implants!

With prices starting from just £1950, call us to book a consultation, and you could soon have a stable fitting denture!

Multiple Missing Teeth and Full Arch

If you are embarrassed by your teeth, you have a large gap, a failing bridge / teeth or a full poorly fitting denture you just can't get along with, then multiple teeth on implants could be the answer for you.

They are exceptional in aesthetics and function and are the ultimate solution for failing teeth or a complete arch.


Hold your head high


BOTOX® and Facial Aesthetics

Wrinkle softening injections, more commonly known as BOTOX® can reduce the physical appearance of frowns and wrinkles. It is scientific fact, with evidence based research, that if carried out regularly reduces AND prevents the formation of new wrinkles. The longer you do it for the more successful it is, making you look younger for longer! This is ideally combined with Dermal Fillers which are used to plump out the lips or cheek to also give a more youthful appearance. Call us today to find out more and to book a consultation.


You're in good company

The Implantologist really took the time to listen to the results I desired and then talked me through all the options available. I am over the moon with my new teeth!
— Ann Richardson